Kite Buggying (Parakarting)

Kite Buggying has been around for longer than many fliers can remember and was where land kite powered sports began, a Buggy is generally a 3 wheeled kart which is pulled along at speeds of anything from a few mph to 40mph+.

Kite ATBing (Kitelandboarding)

Kite ATB'ing was discovered after someone attempted to try their mountainboard (ATB) with a kite and has expanded from there into a widely recognised form of land kiting. Scotland in recent years had some of the pioneers of Freestyle Kite ATBers/Kite Landboarders in the form of Mark Somerville, John Birnie and Sim Culpin.

Kite Surfing (Kiteboarding)

Kite Surfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and although the water of the Scottish coastlines is thought of as freezing compared to places like Tarifa, the sport is expanding here as well with a number of good locations such as Balmedie, St. Andrews and Troon leading the way.

Kite Jumping and Scudding

Kite Scudding and Kite Jumping are where most people usually start, launch the kite, skid across the sand or grass on your feet (or any other suitible part of the body) then find some grip, throw the kite the other way and go airborne for a short superman experience.

Scottish Activities

Not to mention a number of excellent shops, community sites and training schools including:

Kings Kites

Power kite training in the South West of Scotland.

Marionville Models

We started out life in 1974 as a company selling radio controlled models. In 1988 the company moved to new premesis and began expanding the range of products, one of these was powerkites.

Due to the downturn in Power Kite popularity it would seem that Marionville Models no longer sell power kites.

St. Andrews Traction Kites

StATK is here to promote and teach land based traction kiting in all its forms. Whether you are a complete novice and want an introductory lesson, want to see what its like to feel the power of the wind or are just plain curious what all these things in the air are at the end of the beach, we will tailor a course to suit you.

Synergy Kite Sports

Set up in Aberdeen in 2005 by Mark Davies and Maggie Cleeve, Synergy Kitesports offer training courses in powerkite, kite buggy, kite landboard and kitesurfing activities. As a BKSA approved school we deliver courses following both the BKSA and IKO syllabuses.

Another casualty in the down turn in power kite activities, Synergy Kite Sports are no longer trading.